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Suggesting the right form of Organization structure

Arranging all the Registrations including opening of a Bank account

Drawing up the initial road map and hand holding for six months

Setting up sound processes on the foundation of which the business can stabilize.

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Studying the latest Reports and diagnostics

Identifying the gaps and pain points

Suggesting corrective action and get the business to a higher level of performance

Suggesting Mergers of multiple Business Units or interests

Helping them to device a strategy and put them on a plane for getting ready for the high growth phase

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Advising businesses in getting value

Helping them build a strong base

Assisting them with Risk Management and Mitigation techniques

Investor funding avenues for exponential growth opportunities

FIMAS, Since 2012

A group to guide, shoulder and relieve both short term and long term challenges of Business Owners to pursue the set Goals.


Our Services

Strategic Planning and Execution

Nothing happens without a specific aim in business, as in life. And if the aim is interwoven around your Dreams, it helps in the passionate pursuit of your long term Vision. At FIMAS, we help you harness your resources and channelise your energies to attain your aim.

Cash Flow Management

Once the aim is in place, FIMAS helps you to walk the talk by entering into the nitty gritties of your Finances, breaking the Long term objectives into smaller bits of 3-year, Annual, and Monthly budgets in the short term. This not only forms the basis of your growth trajectory, but also becomes a useful tool for submission to the Banks for raising Funds in the CMA data format. In fact, this step allows a business to find, and later, fill the gaps between the Dream and the Reality of the Day!

Periodic Monitoring and Review

A Dream remains a dream if it is not followed through to its logical conclusion – hence a cycle of P-D-C-A (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and rotating it upwards to ensure continuous improvement becomes the key focus. FIMAS keeps a continuous score card of the performance through a process of measurement against the yardstick, and, if required, provide mid- course corrections to reset and revise the Goals in keeping with the environment.

Cost and Profitability Analysis

Cost and Expense control is an important aspect of keeping the bottomline and cash flow healthy – because while Topline is Vanity, Bottomline is Sanity but Cash is Immunity!! FIMAS puts in place a set of Processes that become habits, Systems support that enable quick and timely decision making and Break Even analysis that enables businesses to retain good profitable products / lines and eliminate the non profitable ones. Thus, the Systems and Processes help in chucking out the “Bad” cholesterol.

Enterprise Risk Management

With high growth and good profit, businesses must keep an eye on the Risks that may be lurking around. FIMAS advises and guides businesses in reducing Risks by making them Measurable in terms of Indices.

Mergers and Acquisitions

As the business grows, it becomes valuable to the Owners and when time is ripe for the Owners to expand with the help of Investors who may be interested, FIMAS once again comes in to quantify the Real Value of the Business and create an Investor pitch for interested parties.

Our Vision

We shall always endeavour to work with our customers as a business partner of choice by providing consistent and proactive guidance at all time through our team of experts by deploying the best practices and using contemporary technological tools.

Our Mission

To build at least 100 strong and independent business leaders in the SME segment by 2025 and guide them in achieving their goals.

Our Core Values

Share Customer’s Concern

We treat our Customer business as we would treat our own, true to our tagline, “YOUR CONCERN IS OUR CONCERN”. We yearn for Customer delight and constantly look to exceed his expectations.


When it comes to any stakeholder we shall be fair and transparent and maintain the professional integrity. We shall foresake short term gains for long term relationships.


We believe in our people and subject specialists and give them the freedom and the opportunity to grow. We will support well-reasoned risk taking, but will demand performance.

No Compromise

There would be a zero tolerance in terms of Quality and Compliance defaults. We shall neither actively nor passively partake in any compromises in this regard.

Dignity & Respect

No matter how big or small the individual stakeholder, he shall always be treated with respect and dignity, and no matter of differences will be held personally against the individual as all are ours.

Our Clients